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Adaptability is a person’s ability to adjust to changes in their environment. Changes have a direct effect on how flexible you can be when you are thinking about your career aspirations. Practicing adaptability may include how you are able to respond quickly to changes.

Adaptability is one of the most highly sought-after leadership skills. Leaders that can adapt to change are motivated, not easily discouraged and are usually more creative than the average employee. Adaptability is important because new technology evolves. Employers are looking for employees who can demonstrate strong adaptability skills and become company leaders. These skills are in demand and will help you get hired.

Work processes that increase efficiency and improve or maintain excellent customer service mean a changed way of operating. A shift in work priorities to meet a business need causes different expectations.

New managers or co-workers have new ideas of how work can be done. This requires an open mind as well as sharing your views and ideas. Change of responsibilities and addition due to new systems drastically changes the way work is done in order to meet compliance issues with policies. A changed response is needed due to new trends of zoom, Microsoft terms and online training versus in person training. How to adjust work spaces. To accommodate changes in how work is getting done. How to maintain, improve or monitor workloads.

As a part of change, be open to considering new roles and responsibilities. It includes stretching goals with your supervisor, which may be challenging at first, but may increase or improve your skill set. Do your research. Ask questions. Be responsive to new information as it may not be what you expected. Commit to personal development. Explore training on Microsoft Office, Soft Skills, Public speaking, or working with your manager to find possible opportunities to shadow colleagues in your job. This shows recruiters and hiring managers that you are comfortable with change and approaching something new and different. Determine what is in your control and what is not. Volunteer to join a new team or a new project as it gives you an opportunity to work with people with different views. Be responsive and proactive to embrace any changes that occur during the new project. Implement improvements to a work process. Stay connected with what is changing in the industry and area of business.

Adaptability in the workplace means being flexible and able to change in order to become successful. It is a soft skill that employees see when hiring candidates. Employees must learn and have the confidence to make difficult decisions during unusual circumstances where there are no explicit instructions. If you are a person who learns quickly, it is because you know how to adapt. Nurture your adaptability skills by trying new skills and challenging your ability to solve problems in various circumstances.

Some of the adaptability skills which will help you are:

Ability to learn - Remember failure is just a part of learning for people with adaptability skills. They are never discouraged by failure. They are open to both negative and positive skills. They are always learning and willing to take risks to develop professionally and personally. Some skills that strengthen your adaptability include, research, critical thinking, Memory, Observation, Details attention, Continuous improvement and Collaboration.

Persistence – the pressure to quit is never faced by the people who adapt well. Every challenge is exciting and they remain dedicated to their jobs even when things get hard. During difficult times they are able to stay positive and also encourage their team members to stay focused. Some skills related to persistence are Motivation, Positivity, Stress Tolerance, Managing expectations and Resilience.

Resourcefulness – An adaptable person will be able to source new resources and techniques that less adaptable colleagues have considered. The traditional way of conducting business may not be effective or possible because there may not be enough funding or staff. That is where adaptability can be an asset. An adaptable person will show resourcefulness by demonstrating Creativity, Problem solving, Initiative, Budgeting, Innovation and the ability to notice patterns.

Curiosity – Anything that stands out makes you curious and when you get curious you want to investigate. You are not afraid of suggestions, ideas or constructive criticism. If you know how to adapt well to circumstances, then ‘different’ does not scare you as it usually does for others. You often demonstrate Non verbal communication, Active listening, Positivity, Investigation, Diversity and Open Mindedness.

Change is a natural part of life; therefore adaptability is a crucial skill to grow. Personally and professionally when we accept that nothing stays the same forever, it gives us room to look for new opportunities. Being actively involved helps you to embrace change by understanding it, being receptive, open and adaptable.

Adaptability in the workplace is a valuable soft skill that benefits your individual career and organization, while also giving you a renewed sense of optimism.

How do you make your skills stand out?

In your Resume be sure to highlight anytime you took the initiative and adapted to unusual circumstances. Describe your role in reaching unique solutions for past employees. Mention a situation in which you exercised adaptability skills in a past job in your cover letter. Highlight the skills in a few sentences, as well as naming the problem, steps you took and the final result. Your interview is the place for you to give the employer a glimpse to how your mind works and showing that you will succeed when faced with challenges. Be prepared to discuss in your interview the times you exercised adaptability in your past jobs.

As the cliché goes – Change is the one constant in the World. Employees will always look for people who respond well to change. Show you are adaptable by describing times you have adjusted to and overcome changes at work, while you cannot always predict what is coming next. Someone who is responsive, empathetic, collaborative and always willing to learn can thrive when change inevitably comes – and that’s the kind of employee the companies want to hire. Adaptability in the workplace is an important component of success. It is not only a set of actions but an attitude. Adaptive people look for situations. They are stuck to the imperfections nor waiting for things to be right before they get started.

The only thing constant in life is change so why not embrace it. You will find over time that an ability to embrace change will spill over and benefit your personal and professional life.

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