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Alert Body Language

Chalk2Cheese, a Personality Development and enhancing soft skills Academy is more like a Grooming School. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.

How is the candidate judged in a few seconds even before he opens his mouth to answer the question by the board in an interview? It’s the candidates Body Language which answers all!!!!!!!

Alert Body Language is a powerful form of non-verbal communication that is from the smallest movement of your hands to the way you stand which makes most of us express and without thinking twice. Understanding body language and learning how to better present yourself can improve your daily interactions. Body Language covers a wide range of human expressions, and the most crucial aspects are posture, eye contact and personal space. The influence of posture cannot be understated, especially because the way you hold yourself can completely change the source of an interaction. Eye contact is a key component of healthy interactions, but it does not always come naturally to everyone. The fastest way to build a personal connection is through eye contact. Good eye contact shows you are paying attention, helps you read facial expressions, makes you feel and appear confident. Body language communicates several messages at your workplace. it conveys someone’s level of interest or focus. If someone makes an eye contact with you and nods, speaksand leans towards you while you are talking, you have their full attention. Observing and interpreting messages are beneficial if you need to gauge how the team responds to your ideas or suggestions. Understanding body language at the workplace affects the entire team productivity and relationships. If you can interpret body language accurately, you increase your skills as a professional communicator. Your context is a crucial part of interpreting body language. Some signs may show signs of frustration or discomfort. And some signs may show a casual attitude or confidence. To improve your interpretation and use of body language you must be observant. To understand body language, you must firstly notice it. Observation skills helps to improve body language and increases your mindfulness. That is making a concentrated effort to take notice of other people and their actions. You also must be empathetic in your body language. To try to understand their perspective by understanding their personality to what their body language might be communicating. You should also be self-aware in improving your body language communication skills. If you are not aware of your own body language you may not communicate at your full potential. Being self aware involves how you physically interact with others, controlling your facial expressions and being intentional with your gestures. Alert Body Language proficiency can be an important asset on your journey to becoming an effective and valuable communicator. Some negative body language signs are like arms folded in front, tense facial expressions, when the persons body is turned away while you are talking, eyes downcast and maintaining little contact, sitting slumped, gazing at something or into empty space, fidgeting with pen, clothes etc, writing or doodling and nail biting which shows insecurity or stressed. Locked angles are associated with anxious thoughts. Rapid blinking indicates uncertainty or concern. Tapping fingers are a mark of impatience or boredom. Fidgeting shows disinterest. Positive Body Language conveys positive feelings, like trust, interest and happiness. These signs show and reassure you that others are engaged with what you are saying and at ease with the situation. By adopting this behavior you an support your points, convey your ideas more clearly and avoid sending mixed messages. Always have an open relaxed and do not slouch. Sit upright. Always use a firm handshake but do not get carried away. Maintain that eye contact to show that you are engaged and sincere with the other person. But no staring contest. Never touch your face while answering as it shows a sign of dishonesty. Always smile, warm and sincere smiles are attractive and reassuring and of course infectious. Body Language helps to stay calm in situations where emotions run high such as negotiations and interviews. To defuse tensions and show openness relax your body and breathe slowly. Look interested to show that you are reflecting on your answer. A smile always displays positivity, to make someone feel better or bring about a positive feeling in a person. A smile makes your appearance more assertive and approachable. Self-awareness is important as to how you carry yourself which affects the moods of the people around you. Self-awareness is the key to understanding your body language and changing it for the better.

Learning skills takes plenty of practice but improving them could change your life in so many ways. You practice until they become habits, soon they become a second nature and your conversations will flow with confidence. Using Alert Body Language impacts how they perceive you and your intentions. Being aware of your body language influences your productivity and reputation at your work place. BODY LANGUAGE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO improve honestly, conflict resolutions and working relationship of a team. Interpreting body language accurately requires being observant, empathetic and self-aware. Body Language is the most crucial elements of communication. Right body language at the right place is as influential as any other verbal forms of communication. Proper body language gives you a key to real success. Positive body language helps you to crack difficult deals, build business relationships, influence others, develop bonding with the co-workers and motivate subordinates at workplace, connect you to effective personalities, mark your presence in the crowd, establish and approve your point in a meeting, prevent conflicts and ABOVE AND OVERALL OPEN UP A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES IN FRONT OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!! And CHALK2CHEESE is here to help you not to miss that opportunity. Enroll today and become the best version of yourself!!!!!!!!!

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