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C2C-Chalk2Cheese is here to guide you in your communication skills because it is vital when it comes to excelling at your workplace and in your relationships. Your ability to communicate is an important tool in the pursuit of your goals. Communication Skills plays a major role in promoting the life of an individual.

Effective communication skills has become an important tool in the management analysis and managerial process in the corporate world. To have mastery in communication you should have knowledge about language skills namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing as it is the root of effective communication. It always helps you to receive and convey messages, ideas, and the information according to the situations.

Good communication skills are essential to allow others to understand information more accurately and quickly. It helps to increase efficiency at the workplace. Written communication skill helps you to convey your ideas through written language. It’s the process of exchanging knowledge and data so that it is received and understood with a purpose and clarity. When we communicate effectively, both the sender and receiver feel satisfied. Your Verbal communication skill is giving information using the spoken language. For this one you must speak clearly, concisely and without misinterpretation. Everyone should figure out the real outcome at the start. For which while communicating one should set a goal because impacting the audience is one of the important things in communication. The non-verbal and visual communication is giving ideas through unsaid cues. They are often communicated through facial expressions, hand gestures, posture and even appearance. Your eye contact is also very important to make them feel that you are focussed on them and the conversation.

Active Listening in communication is important to get the essence of the conversation. For which you need to listen carefully and pay full attention to the speaker. It helps to communicate effectively by compiling and restating what you hear in your own words to confirm the understanding of all parties. Active listening helps to avoid misunderstandings, open up, build trust, and resolve disputes. It’s a two way process. The prime objective is to make the audience understand. The communication should always be packaged to suit the listeners

level of understanding. If you are not a good listener, it's going to be hard to comprehend what you have been asked to do.

Both providing and accepting Feedback is a skill that goes hand in hand with several other communication skills like open mindedness, respect, listening and teamwork. Truly encouraging feedback is not possible without really understanding what the speaker means, respecting their opinion, and keeping an open mind. Being able to give feedback is pretty much a guarantee for career success. That is because it is tied up with the willingness to learn, the ability to adapt, the openness to accept constructive criticism, and the critical reasoning that it takes to provide it.

No matter the industry, Communication Skills are recruiters’ favourites!! And they do have a huge impact on your work. In the digital age, communication skills are even more important. One should learn and know how to effectively exchange information through zoom meetings, emails and social media as well as in person, if you want to keep up with the shifting work dynamics.

Effective COMMUNICATION SKILLS is and will continue to be essential and a critical element in your career and personal life which means you should start working on improving yours ASAP!!!!! At…Chalk2Cheese the One Stop Grooming School… Where you will experience the art and language of leadership…

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