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Chalk2Cheese a Personality Development and enhancing soft skills Academy is more like a Grooming School. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.


Body Language in the form of movement, posture, hand gesture, facial expression, and tone of voice and micro expressions can be useful instruments for appearing confident. Non verbal behaviors are a visual gauge of intangible characteristics and an indication of the value we place ourselves and how we expect others to interact with and value us. While body language affects how others see us, it also affects how we feel about ourselves.

Confident body language is an integral part of communication and the way you carry yourself may be communicating more than you know to the outside world. If you know how to look confident, people will be more inclined to give you the attention and respect that you deserve. If you appear uncomfortable and insecure on the other hand, people may be quick to dismiss or discredit you. That is why it is vital to learn how to look more confident even when you are not feeling that way. So, how do you communicate a confident look that reinforces your intelligence and capability? By Learning - Confident Body Language. Unfortunately, many struggle with self doubt. Many also believe that if you are not born with confidence then you are out of luck. That’s far from the truth. Learning how to look more confident is a skill and it starts with making small changes to your physical movements, your mindset and your daily routine.

Confidence cannot be inherited. You have to work towards building it and exuding it when you deal with people. Communication is the glue of professional relationships. Body language plays a huge role in conveying confidence in the workplace. However, it effects are more intuitive than intentional and more subconscious than obvious, which can make it tricky to improve.

So how do most confident people physically carry themselves? Their body language all is about making others feel valued at ease, they also use body language to be more influential. Most successful people adapt to reading a situation, understand how to appear confident and make minor tweaks to wield influence and win over people. Their body language is congruent with their verbal message.

The ability to walk into a room and exude a self confidence that communicates your commitment and trust worthiness is essential in business transactions. Your body language and gestures can say a lot about you.

Some body language mistakes people make are like excessive head nodding. Active listening cues are great. But it is important to show that you are engaged in the conversation and not insecure. Highly confident people do not tilt or tip their head to the sides or excessively nod their heads during a conversation.

When it comes to facial expressions less is more. Yes, you want to smile and show warmth or convey excitement. But do not force your enthusiasm or display emotions that do not match the tone of the context. Being overly expressive will take away the credibility discouraging further interest while running the risk of alienation.

Maintain eye contact to show that you are honest, approachable and confident. Ensure your eye contact is appropriate and not aggressive which might make others uncomfortable.

Fidgeting betrays a lack of pressure and confidence and is a sign of nervousness. It is a distraction and takes away from the intended message. Distracting body language habits can undermine your presence. When it comes to showing confidence, the less movement the better. Hand gestures play an important role where body language comes from. It exhibits whether you are confident or cautious. Do not make exaggerated gestures. Hand movements display assertiveness or aggression. So use them wisely!!!

The key element of executive presence is the ability to harness breath. It is about giving your voice richness, capable of so that the power of your voice matches the power of your words. Shallow breathing portrays stress and can often result in unwelcome nervous habits.

Great posture is a hallmark of confident body language. You will automatically ramp up your credibility if you find a power pose that makes you feel unstoppable and ready to deal with whatever the work day throws at you. An assertive posture helps you to look confident which makes you more balanced and grounded.

Actions speak better than words!!!! “True”

Did you know that 55% of communication is non-verbal?. Vocal inflection is just 38% and our words constitute only 7% of our communication. Subtle physical cues – from how you have your hands placed to how you set your shoulders – set the tone. The moment you step into a room, people immediately form some sort of impression of you. They make snap judgments, about what type of person you are – sincere, capable or trustworthy. Much of this is based on whether you present with timid or confident body language.

Feeling confident radiates positive energy into your life when you truly love yourself, it’s hard to let others get you down. There is no stopping you from going after your dreams and living life to the fullest.!!!!!

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