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Platinum Rule of Corporate Etiquette is Treat others the way they want to be treated. You recognize that service is not about what you give, but its what others want to receive. Always Smile as it shows your positive attitude towards your work and will affect your performance significantly. It will surely do wonders for your career.

Corporate Etiquettes are basically rules and regulations one should follow at the workplace. It shows how professionally you work. Corporate Etiquettes are important to create a professional, mutual and a respectful atmosphere. It improves communication thus helping the office to serve as a productive place. Corporate Etiquettes is important as it helps to present oneself and interact with others around. You should always arrive early at your workplace than your regular time. You should always be ready to help your co-workers whenever in need as it will help you to share your knowledge and show your skills. Always be open minded it will help you in the long run. Be very flexible with the working hours at your workplace. like when asked to come early or stay back after work late hours or even working on a holiday. This would show your interest towards work and how much you value the company. Always be positive and confident on doing a task you have never been to be assigned before. Never show a negative approach and decline the work. You never know new tasks new projects will expand your skills and will lead you to new opportunities. This will be your chance to show your abilities. Don’t ever be afraid of your mistakes. Nobody is perfect so you are bound to make mistakes as long as you are constantly growing and learning from them and making an effort of not repeating it. Even after completing your work on time and upto the standard you should go forward and meet your co workers having the similar interests. You can share and take their advice too from their experiences which will help you on your job. This will help you to take the networking opportunities.Your workstation should be kept neat and tidy at any given time. Never criticize and make fun of your colleagues. Always take care how you speak with your co-workers. Take care of your pitch and tone while talking. Stay always calm and think rationally. No foul words or language should be used at your job. Never bring or discuss your personal work at your workplace.

Corporate Etiquettes are important as you follow the company’s rules which shows your respect for the organisation while maintaining the importance of the place. You should behave sensibly and appropriately at your workplace as it helps you to create an everlasting impression. When at work you need to be organised and professional. You should behave well to earn your respect and be appreciated by your co-workers. Never adopt a casual attitude at your workplace. Always respecteach other’s privacy. Always knock before you enter your co-worker’s cabin or table. Your cell phones should always be on a vibrating mode, so you are not disturbing the others. Maintain privacy by not opening others files or work.Always reach for the meetings on time. Be punctual. Carry all the relevant and necessary files and papers for discussion. Check all important documents thoroughly. You should know your subject of discussion and not hesitate at any given time. Checking your devices for fully charged is very important when you are working digitally.

Corporate Etiquettes in a professional life will always enhance your status. People will consider you more capable, intelligent, and professional than the others. It will boost your self confidence and your self-esteem. People who follow etiquettes will find more opportunities for growth than others.

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