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Chalk2Cheese, a Personality Development and enhancing soft skills Academy is more like a Grooming School. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.


Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.

In school, those who can write a good story or draw beautiful pictures are considered the special ones and are creative. But research shows that all people are creative. In fact, creativity is one of the most important characteristics of being human. It is one of the main traits that make us successful as individuals and as a species.

We have found in the creativity workshop that if we let our hand move faster than our brain, the hurdles to creativity disappear. The astonishing thing is how easy it is, with the right techniques, to get people who think, they have no creativity at all to do very innovative and imaginative work.

An ideal environment for teaching creativity includes exercises and techniques that are supportive, playful, surprising and value process over product.

In case, you have doubts about your own creativity there are scientific studies to prove it.

When we are doing something creatively what is actually active in our brain?

It turns out that the parts of the brain that we use in ‘business as usual’ thinking are totally switched off when we are being creative. Whereas, other parts of our mind that we do not use everyday are quite active.

Rules and regulations kill creativity.

Educational systems, all too often teach us not to think differently, but how to follow instructions. The world is changing so rapidly now that just learning a specific skill set and following it exactly would not get us very far.

What prepares a student for life beyond the classroom is learning how to be more creative, which includes flexibility in perception and execution of tasks. Schools have started acknowledging the importance of creativity in classrooms. Courses in creativity are now provided by academia because it is now common knowledge that only creativity can help students succeed in the 21st century.

Creativity is no longer relegated in the classroom to subjects like English, art or music. Teachers and professors are beginning to emphasize creativity in the sciences as well.

In today’s great synchronized teaching environment, there is a little scope for creativity.

During a recent experiment, a creative writing task was given to science and arts students. To everyone’s surprise the science students performed much better than arts students. The experiment showed the value of creative thought for scientists in the workplace. What makes their organizations excel is the creativity and innovation of these scientists.

Creativity in all of its forms should be embraced by educators if they want to nurture happy, well balanced students. The right kind of thinkers for future generations can be cultivated only through this method. The principle goal of education should be, to create people who are capable of doing new things, not simply of respecting what other generations have done.

Help students embrace this creativity is what educators should aim for.

Let students give wings to the imagination without the fear of failure. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Teachers should become creative themselves if they want to instill creativity in their students, schools and fellow candidates.

Creativity is no longer just seen as what artists and musicians process. It is a crucial skill for professionals in all fields. The 20% rule is practiced by most of the biggest and successful businesses in the world. This means that they are encouraging their employees to set aside 20% of their work time to explaining new ideas and thinking creatively.

In the modern business world creativity is valued as the most important business skill, says a recent survey. For organizations the world over creativity and innovation are the number one strategic priorities. The annual strategy survey shows innovation and creativity as the top ranked tactical imperatives.

Many researchers would agree that in order to solve problems and exploit opportunities, you have to think creatively, in order to find useful and original ideas. According to a survey, creativity is an integral part of modern work. This is true not just for arch-strategists or chief executives, but for all of us. In a study, it proves that to succeed in any career you need to be creative or you become obsolete.

It also emphasized that while creativity is innate, it can be enhanced and developed as a learned skill.

Creativity skills can be learned. You need an interest in the creative process, the desire to explore and a spirit of curiosity. Several studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of creative training. These studies show that well designed creativity training programs typically improve creative performance in students, teachers and working professionals in all fields.

Rather than focusing simply on a specific creative product, such workshops focus on the creative process, which can then be applied to developing many products; no matter how different they are. Effective creativity is a way of living and leads to pleasure in life-long learning.

The basic components of the creative process are involved in play. It generates new experimentation, possibilities and exploration of unlimited fantasy and reality. For the development of a healthy personality, play is crucial.

A child is calm and satisfied after a good session of play. The child often experiences deep distress if play is disrupted. The child experiences frustrations if the environment is too strict and he feels tortured. Such a child may begin to torture others. For meeting curriculum standards play is often presented and this could have a harmful and negative impact on children’s personality formation.

An adult who has lost his or her creative spark can be taught how to be creative through play. Through a series of experiments they retrieve the child’s sense of wonder in adults. Participants in a creativity training program are taught how to fit into place in the process of creativity and increase self-confidence in their creativity through play.

Creativity is required to succeed in life. People are born creative and given the right environment, with the right creative tools and training everyone can tap into this innate talent.

You can define creativity by saying, it is about rising above the conventional way of thinking to improve and create unique approaches to ideas.

Creativity can be seen as ability; you can either have a natural ability to perform or you can learn and improve on what you have. There are also many facets to creativity and it can be subjective as many might measure creativity differently. It includes things like imagination, gratification, the value of an idea, differences in the creative process and how original the idea is.

The idea of creativity today means thinking out of the box, understanding there might be limits to what you can do, trying to overcome these and improving on the results.

Creativity involves more than just thinking things up, it is taking those ideas and developing them. For example, if it is an item you wish to make, then you have to imagine design and built it or if it is a new concept or idea, you should be able to test it out and prove that it works.

The way we think of or define creativity today is something that has only recently come into being. This is because, in past cultures, any ideas were seen more as discoveries or reproductions of what already existed.

Creativity as we know it today only started evolving during the early parts of the 20th century. The focus was placed on the individual and the different types of personalities, which has since developed over the years. With the development of science and technology, today you can visually see what happens in the brain. When it comes to creativity and any other skill, both mental and physical, all originate in the brain.

Creativity is a skill that rises above the more traditional ways of thought and new or unique ideas are formed. Sometimes, this process is easier for some than others and it all depends on how the brain forms connections or a network in the brain. When those networks are highly active, the more creative you can be. Some of these networks have been identified.

When all the networks are firing effectively, you could have a seemingly unexpected creative moment.

A famous example is Archimedes in his bathtub, who coined the term “eureka”. However, this does not happen randomly and out of nowhere; there are thought processes in motion.

When looking at a creativity psychology definitions does it mean that those who are more creative are also more intelligent? There has been a lot of research on the matter, but this subject is still relatively new and the complete answer to this question is still pending. However, some research has indicated a few links between intelligence can be categorized as a type of creativity, but you can also say that creativity is a type of intelligence.

These two aspects of the human mind can both overlap and have a lot of things in common. They both process information which is then formulated into a solution.

Intelligence can easily be measured, while creativity is more difficult to define and measure. Generally, those that have high intelligence are more creative. Also, those that are highly creative can have high intelligence. Even though there is research in favour of both ideas, it is not absolute and there is no definitive research that proves either case.

Creativity and intelligence are more parts of the same process and the skills tend to overlap but they are not dependent on one another. So, technically you can be either of these or both. As you can already see, creativity is a complex topic. Research has discovered that it can include several thought processes. It has also indicated that more processes go into creativity.

Coming up with a creativity definition is difficult as it is such a complex subject that involves multiple brain processes, which use different parts of the brain. So, creativity cannot be limited to a single part of the brain. Scientists believed creativity was generated by the right side of the brain. However, recent discoveries point to more areas involved than a single section of the brain.

Some people say that they are simply not creative and in many cases in school, the creative subjects are placed below the other subjects deemed more important.

So, why should we look closer at creativity? We all want to be good at something and this requires a lot of time and dedication to develop new skills. But we all cannot be everything at once, so why should you consider spending a bit more time developing your creativity?

In this day and age of development and technology, there is always a place for unique thinking to help grow business ideas.

Many companies and businesses appreciate creative qualities and are searching for those who can apply lateral thinking. A survey that was done showed that creativity is seen as the main quality needed for a successful business. Various other surveys also show how creativity can be important. Even though the surveys might not be scientific and are more opinions of individuals, they are still something that should be taken into account. If you combine it with scientific research, this just proves that creativity plays an important role in everyday life.

A creative person is someone who can come up with good, original ideas and can bring them into reality, something any business can successfully utilize. Many therapies involve creative tasks such as art, dance and music. These activities and creative activities can help those who suffer from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, dementia and post traumatic stress disorders. Working through difficult emotions can be done through various creative outlets.

When you are in the process of creating something, not only are you more relaxed, but it can also be energizing and stimulating, as well as help you to focus. Your attention is on the current task and there is some excitement about what the outcome will be.

Stress relief is one of the more apparent advantages of focusing on creative activities or tasks. When participating in a creative task, you bring more awareness to the here and now, while momentarily putting aside thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow. This helps to reduce stress and bring about a feeling of calm and accomplishment. If you are doing something you enjoy, you are also freer in the creative process, without deadlines and other stressors that could hold you back.

It has been proven that certain forms of creativity can help improve a person’s feelings of empathy. By viewing other people’s art and forms of creativity, it can develop a certain understanding of others, their culture and their situations.

You might have come across someone that says that they do not possess any creativity; however, all of us possess a certain degree of creativity. The only main difference is how you display your creativity. For some, it might be in art or music, while others use their creativity in work or simply in the way they look at the world. Whatever the case, creativity ultimately originates from the way we think. Since creativity is such a complex subject, there are various methods people can use during the creative process.

However, there are a few stages that are common. Is there a way to become more creative? Some people have a natural talent for certain things, but even they can benefit from improving their skills. So, yes you can always improve on creativity and it is useful skill that anybody can learn, no matter where you are in life.

Creativity is being able to come up with unique ideas that can help solve problems, aid in better communication or simply entertain. If you want to improve your creative abilities, there are few things you can do. For anything to work you need to commit yourself to the process and setting goals is a way to do this. Do not put off what you want to do, decide to do it and set yourself a time for developing new skills. As with all things, to get good at something, you need to practice. You also need to know everything about whatever you are interested in. As you learn and understand a subject, it will become easier and better for you to come up with more novel and unique ideas.

To advance in certain areas, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. For example, sharing painting in a class might be daunting, but the positive critique will make you a better painter in the future. You might not succeed every time, but nothing is wasted as you also learn from your mistakes. So next time you try, it may be even better than you anticipated.

When it comes to a lack of confidence, this can be something that is quite debilitating and stops you from doing what you want. Insecurity is something that can stifle creativity, so try to work on building your confidence by rewarding yourself or being less critical of your work. Try to avoid negative thoughts, even if you do not do well, to begin with, see it as a learning curve and move on.

Brainstorming is used in schools and is a way to help develop creativity. Again, the main thing is to let go of any negative thoughts and criticism and to write down any ideas. The point is to come up with a lot of ideas in as little time as possible. You can then look at all the ideas and improve on them and so work your way to a possible solution. This is a great method for problem solving and utilizing creative thinking skills. There are other methods or techniques you can try.

An effective way to help with the creative process is to keep a journal. Whenever you have an idea, make sure to write it down, even if it is not relevant to your current project. This is a great way to keep track of ideas and also look back what you have already achieved and may be come up with more possible ideas. This can also be a way to challenge yourself in the future, to continually grow from what you have done in the past. Make sure you try new things, instead of falling back on old ideas and using the same solutions all the time.

Going out to find inspiration can be just what you need to come up with new ideas. You can visit a museum, travel, listen to music and read a book you would not normally choose. Engage in activities you would not normally do, to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. You should also love and enjoy what you are doing because this is the best way to boost creativity. If you love something, then it is easier to do and you will commit to it without having problems or making excuses.

Take your ideas and bounce them off others and get their input and advice. You do not have to be alone in the process, while others might have the answer to your problem. Learning from others can only help you to improve your creativity abilities and outcomes. Asking for help should not be seen as a weakness, as everyone has their own knowledge base and experience, it can only help. A fresh perspective might just be what is needed.

Sometimes, things can get overwhelming and nothing is coming to mind. This might be a good time to simply stop what you are doing and do something else. Go and run, walk or simply relax and read a book. Your mind needs to relax as well and in doing so, the answer you were looking for might just appear.

In the end creativity is something we all possess. It is just a matter of how we express it.

Creativity is a skill that helps you to better understand the world we live in and to make observations. Use and compare them with existing knowledge and then form new ideas and applications other have not thought of.

Creativity is a proof of how wonderful and complex our minds are.

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.

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