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Exercise should be regarded as a tribute to the heart'.

The proven benefits of exercise are endless. Everyone knows that regular physical activity improves every aspect of our health. Exercise decreases cardiovascular risk, manages stress, improves mood, eases chronic pain and on and on and on...Some people are committed to fitness and get more than enough exercise. But most are not. There are a lot of reasons behind this but the most common one is figuring out how to make exercise happen. Modern life is just so darned busy. Workdays are long, our commuters are longer and home responsibilities can easily take up the rest of our time. Let's see how one makes this work? Exercise does not mean going for a run or to the gym. The goal is to avoid sitting for prolonged periods. There are great benefits from all activities for any amount of time. It all adds up. Exercise can fit into the busiest work day. If you have to go to another floor, take the stairs. Walk across the office to chat with your colleagues or join someone at coffee at the workplace. Transform your meeting into a walking meeting. If at all, stand up from your desk every half hour and stretch. Keep track of what you do which will help you and track your activity and your progress. Find a reason to go for a walk. It can be motivating to see how your stamina improves your time. Use smaller bowls and plates, but tall glasses. So you can eat 29% less calories per day. The reason this happens is that our brains think that we are eating the same amount of food, but in reality we are eating smaller portions. Grab and go food. The worst thing for dieting is being hungry. When you are hungry and ordering a meal, you increase the amount of calories that you intake. If you only prep snacks and eat them you are less likely to overindulge at your next meal. To improve your overall health the simplest thing you can do is have water before your meals.

It is said life is not just a bed of roses. It's not uncommon one find thorns in one's life journey. Investing time in oneself to remain healthy, may not be an easy task. Regardless of whether it is a 9-6 job, a night shift or a stay at home job there is no excuse that can be prioritized nor compensated for health. Exercise is a good thing for the mind and body. Movement should be incorporated into working days as it has a positive impact on work output as well as on personal health. Work can be stressful and likely to be a significant contributor to personal stress. It doesn't matter what kind of work you do, you are likely to feel significantly stressed over something at one time or another. Acute stress is usually deemed to be positive, it helps to improve focus and concentration. Work related stress can cause both mental and physical effects. So how does exercise help combat stress? With exercise comes improved performance and productivity through the rest of the day. Exercising before work and movement during the working day can improve things like focus, concentration, alertness and energy, decision making and multitasking ability. The main factor behind this is that exercise improves cerebral blood flow that improves blood flow to the brain, which improves performance. One of the benefits of exercise during the work day is increased and sustained energy throughout the day. Exercising at work will reduce the time spent sedentary. Extended sitting time and low physical activity has been associated with poor health. Just taking regular breaks from sitting is beneficial. The most common causes for long term absences are stress, acute medical conditions, mental ill health and back pain. Exercise at work may result in healthier, improved immunity which in turn will result in fewer sick days in the workplace. Being active reduces the likelihood of illness. This goes for reduction in both physical and mental health issues. The majority of people complain about not getting enough quality sleep at night. Of Course this can be due to many things. However physical activity during the day helps sleep quality at night. This can reduce stress, help us listen to our hunger cues and perform better at work. Exercise at work can mean saving time if done wisely. You can take advantage of cumulative incidental movement throughout the day. Exercise at work results in a positive effect on all kinds of things, from your productivity to your home

life. A team's success is not based only on their expertise as individuals, but also on how they function together as a unit. Exercise at work can be put into place as part of team building events. Team building not only helps your team to learn about one another and how they best work as a team, but can inspire the others to lead more active lives. Memory can be maintained and even improved with regular exercise. Exercise at work might be challenging to get into, but it will no doubt improve the working day tenfold. You will feel more ready to face whatever you have on your plate, with better creativity, more solutions to problems and increased productivity. Exercise elevates mood which does have serious implications for workplace performance. Our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical regime. And nowhere are the implications more relevant than to our performance at work.

Regardless of how you go about incorporating exercise into your routine, reframing it as a part of your job makes it a lot easier to make time for it.

Remember, you are not abandoning work. On the contrary you are ensuring that the hours you put in have value.

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