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Introduction & First Impression

Updated: May 27, 2022

C2C – CHALK2CHEESE the One Stop Grooming School is here to boost your personality and ensure your goals to match your purpose.


Get yourself trained at C2C and realize that. No matter who you are. No matter what you did. YOU can become the best version of yourself.

Your INTRODUCTION is the first and the best chance to win the attention of the people and make them believe what you have to say is important and relevant.

Always be prepared with your introduction. You cannot hesitate. So write it down, practice and make sure its ready and fresh when you need it.

It shows your ability to meet new people confidently and positively. Your first interaction you have will impact how others perceive you and your relationship in the future with them.

Some important tips to help you are: Always SMILE as it always shows your positive attitude towards everything of yourself. You create a positive impression, create a good feeling and gives people a good opinion about yourself.

Your FIRST IMPRESSION helps you to communicate and have a good relationship at your workplace with co-workers and clients. To make a positive first impression you should strive to perfect promptness, appearance, handshake, smile and conversation.

Your POSTURE AND BODY LANGUAGE play a very important role in your introduction as it leaves your first impression which shows how confident you are. Controlling your body language and gestures is essential to staying poised and professional in your introduction. Your facial expressions and body language convey your thoughts and feelings. Use your body language to support your verbal communication rather than sending out a contradictory message.

Your DRESSING can reveal a lot about your personality. Choose your clothes wisely. Dressing appropriately for the interview gives you an extra boost of self-assurance.

EYE CONTACT shows your sign of honesty, projects confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness while speaking. Keeping the eye contact shows that you are actively listening and paying attention. Good eye contact is an essential skill for effective communication.

Your introduction should always begin with your name. e.g. I am…… or Let me introduce myself. I am. or pleased to meet you all. I am… Then you can let them know about your education. Your qualifications and your current job. Mention your job title, your company and your department and what you really do. It should be short and to the point. What’s important is that people should understand what you do and want you to work with them. You can also mention your hobbies and interests. What you enjoy doing and your activities.

Your First Impression is as they say Always the last impression and you never get a second chance.

Remember Your Smile is your Logo. Your Personality is your Business Card And what impression you leave becomes your Trademark. How you present yourself is how people first view you. People will judge you by your appearance, posture, tone of voice and your positive approach.

Your INTRODUCTION and FIRST IMPRESSION will create opportunities, make new connections and surely open doors for you!!!!!

LOTS MORE AT C2C the One Stop Grooming Course!! Enroll Today!!And Your Life Would Change For The Best!!!!!!

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