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CHALK2CHEESE, one stop grooming school for personality development and enhancing soft skills is one point destination that makes you the best version of yourself.

Personality is never about how you look or how you dress it's also about your communication skills, your mannerisms, alert body language, heart full of compassion and gratitude and most importantly a face that has a smile.

Mobile is one thing that all of us cannot do without it. Just having a mobile is not enough, mobile etiquette is must if it's become an important part of our life.

Mobile Etiquette:

. Be aware of your ring tone.

. Be in control and don't let mobile control you.

. Speak softly, put on speaker only if required.

. Turn off mobile if it is interrupting a conversation or an activity.

. Watch what you are speaking when others are around and don't talk personal issues, call them later if they want to discuss personal matters.

. Avoid talking personal or confidential topics in a public place.

. If others are around and getting disturbed, use silent ring mode or move away to talk.

. Don't make calls in a library, theatre, church, funerals, when visiting relatives or from your table in a restaurant. Avoid enclosed spaces, people can hear and get annoyed.

. Don't text private message during class or at a meeting in a formal environment.

. Don't text private information as it may be forwarded and used inappropriately.

. Never drive and use your mobile at the same time.

. Stay away from others while talking on a phone, people do not want to hear what you are talking.

. No multitasking, avoid calls while driving, shopping, banking and waiting in line i.e. while interacting with people.

. No mobile phone talking or texting whist at the dining table.

These are few things one must remember when it comes to use of mobile.

Having good mobile phone etiquette plays a large part in maintaining a strong connection with your clients and ensuring an air of professionalism. Good phone etiquette can separate you from the rest of the people.

The 5 P's of mobile etiquette for business that are very important:

. Prepared

. Polite

. Patient

. Professional

. Proactive

One important point to remember for who should end the call first?

The receiver should always hang up first never the caller. The caller called so should stay on the line until receiver is satisfied that call is complete.

We at CHALK2CHEESE are always ready to help in context with your personality development questions. Feel free to connect on 96643 47414.

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