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Public Speaking

Chalk2Cheese, a personality development and enhancing soft skills academy is more like a grooming school. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.

PUBLIC SPEAKING is the art of giving power to words – to influence, inspire and transform lives.

The essential skill for public speaking is communication that is being able to communicate an idea or thought clearly. It is the skills employers look for in a potential candidate. Public Speaking skills are soft skills showing how well you can speak and engage the listeners. Influential public speakers have the power to persuade, inform and educate others. It helps you to give opinions and motivate others. Public Speaking skills helps you advance your career, increase your confidence improve leadership skills, develop your vocabulary and ensure personal development. Most of the job roles and industries require public speaking skills to communicate and engage with the team members and audiences confidently. Strong public speaking skills increases the chance of getting hired for a new job and become a more effective employee at your workplace. communicating your thoughts and ideas is a very important skill in public speaking. For which you require excellent diction, so that your listeners understand everything you say. You need to control your voice and speed of talking. Pronunciation and proper use of grammar is also very important. You should have a proper command over your language, use the right words and rich vocabulary. Every technical and most difficult topic becomes interesting when it is presented in the right way for which superior presentation skills are important. And for this facial expressions, vocal tone and body language is necessary. Even boring topics could become interesting if you have a good presentation style. Your presentation style should have the power to engage your audience. The most important essential part of public speaking skills is confidence. If you are confident, then nervousness and stage frights may disappear. Confident speakers are preferred by employers as they share information in an authoritative and meaningful way. When you talking to the audience your confidence level does impact how you portray and carry yourself. Your communication in public speaking skills becomes easier when you are passionate about the topic of your speech. Without passion your communication can fail to inform and educate the audience. You have to create a connection with the audience and sound like an expert. Create an atmosphere that engages and excites the listeners which only a professional speaker does. To develop public speaking skills you should always practise speaking. The more you speak the more is the comfort level with the audience. Always practise what you need to say and read it loudly repeatedly to yourself. You video record yourself so you can improve any spots you need to and it will help you to evaluate your speaking skills. Your body language is very important skill during your presentation. You should keep your spine and shoulders straight with a gentle smile while going on stage. During your presentation use gestures to emphasis your point while moving to different areas of the stage. Your tone of speech and overall energy should match your facial expressions. Monotone is a complete no no during your presentation as the audience will lose interest. You need to practise various voice modulation and different pitches to draw the attention of the audience. Similarly, eye contact with the audience is an essential quality of a public speaker, so ensure you make eye contact with them. When you are confident and self-assured with your skills, you create an emotional connection in delivering the right message and ideas successfully to your audience. Your interview is the place to showcase your public speaking skills. When you experience direct questions related to skill set, the employers often judge the skills based on how comfortably you speak and communicate your answers. When asked an interview question, before you answer, pause, think and then speak. Your gestures, how you sit, how you speak and even where you direct your attention all has an impact on how the person opposite you responds. Your behaviour dictates the outcome of your interview. Fumbling while answering shows the interviewer your lack of confidence, skills or the experience required. Short and relevant answers proves that you are a sharpshooter when it comes to work. Take your moments to respond or else you will miss out an opportunity to prove your ability and talk about your skills. Always be prepared to ask questions to the interviewer when prompted. It gives you an opportunity to ascertain the company culture, management style and how things work in more detail. Your job interview is more than your resume. They already know what you know; they want to know who you are, and your speaking skills are key to conveying that!!!!! PUBLIC SPEAKING is one of the greatest and most common fears that can make your palms sweat!!!! BUT there are ways to tackle the problem!!!! CHALK2CHEESE - the One Stop Grooming School is here to help you overcome your fears and be a successful and confident public speaker. ENROLL TODAY and your energy will introduce before you speak!!!

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