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Chalk2Cheese a Personality Development and enhancing soft skills Academy is more like a Grooming School. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.

In a world where we have the means to communicate with each other 24hours a day across multiple platforms and where the chance to make a first impression has never been briefer, etiquette is more important than ever before.

Social etiquette is all about understanding, kindness, respect and consideration for others and improving relationships. Politeness, kindness and good manners never go out of style and have real world results for your happiness and success.

Humans are social beings and to make interpersonal relationships easier, they must adhere to certain social etiquettes.

Etiquette is defined as behaving correctly and politely. Social etiquette is also termed as the behavior you resort to in social situations. How others view and treat you is influenced by social etiquettes. It assists you in long lasting impressions that foster trust and reliance.

Social etiquette refers to behavior and interactions with family, friends, coworkers or strangers. To coexist and live in harmony, we are supposed to obey social rules. Good social etiquette not only aids in the development of long-term relationships’ but also aids in the creation of lucrative chances. We practice different kinds of social etiquette depending on the situation we are in.

Some social etiquette rules we must practice are Greeting Everyone. Humans’ need people around them and like to be acknowledged. No one likes to be ignored. To form social relationships, when you enter a room, greet the people you know and introduce yourself to the people you do not know. This will help form strong social connections and bonds. People will remember you.

Next comes Being Punctual. Always value other’s time, if you want to value your time. Always arrive on time and do not make others wait for you. Punctuality is a sign of respect and professionalism which helps you to make a great impression on people and this will make sure people take you seriously. Always try to arrive 5 to 10minutes beforehand.

Next is Avoid using your Cell phone. Learn to be present in the environment. Socialize with the people around you rather than using the cell phone. When you are in a social environment or public, ensure that you avoid using your cell phone. Avoid using it even when you are eating with others. You will not be distracted, but you will be physically and mentally focused.

Please and thank you. In personality grooming classes there are the basic rules taught. From a very young age these values are incorporated in us. People will be interested and will talk to you as it portrays your politeness. People find these words hard to say but these words work wonders.

Be observant. Learn new things about others by observing them. Notice everything around you. Clothes, hair etc observe them and compliment on them. If you notice someone is uncomfortable at any point, make sure you talk to them and make them feel comfortable.

Maintain eye contact as this is a quality of a good listener. Always look at the person who is speaking to you and it shows you are focused. Eye contact helps the speaker to know you are paying attention to them and interested in having a conversation with you.

Using the elevator is a very basic thing we do in our everyday life. Always let the person inside the elevator get out while you stand at one side. Then you get in, this helps in avoiding confusion and chaos. People will not be delayed due to the mess.

Smiling will always make you look approachable. Smile when you create eye contact with each other. A simple smile makes yours and others' day better.

Practicing table manners. To portray your impression on other people around you, learn to be a good dinner guest, follow your table etiquettes & remember your table manners. Push your chair in when you leave your table, wait until everybody has been served then start eating, this is a sign of respect.

Learn to say sorry: When it is your fault, be the bigger person & learn to apologize . This helps to smooth things over. Being the bigger person will help you maintain your social relationship.

Almost everyone knows how to say ‘thank you’ & ’goodbye’ but good social manners are more than just a few kind words…….when it comes to social etiquette, a lot of people tend to forget the basic rules. Few important social etiquette rules will come in handy in various life situations & to look & act your best as a guest, in business meetings, when communicating with other people.

Social etiquette is a set rule, manners & actions that help people to portray them as pleasant, polished & professional human beings.

Importance of Social Etiquettes: Social etiquette may seem like a ton of unnecessary rules to follow; it can actually be very beneficial for your life. Social etiquette shows you how to behave in different social situations. They allow you to look like a kind & caring person which is something everyone likes about others. Social etiquette makes it easier for you to build and maintain connections. Social etiquette helps people to interact with each other in a way that prevents unnecessary social confrontations or drama. It helps you to communicate effectively & nicely. Social etiquette helps you to look more professional & make a good impression.

Basic social etiquette rules: A simple Thank you is generally enough & should never be forgotten if someone did something nice for you, always express it verbally. And if someone is thanking you, make sure to show that you accept their gratitude by saying, “You are welcome “.

A basic social etiquette rule to not slam the door at anyone who walks behind you, no matter if you are a woman or a man. Be helpful, hold the door. This shows that you are considerate of others. Always cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. Do not use your phone while eating or communicating with others. Always be punctual: Don’t be late & make others wait for you. Be on time or just a bit before.

Social etiquette rules will help manage & behave appropriately in a social environment. This will define people’s behavior & identity. People will judge & treat you based on your social etiquette as there are people around you all the time.

In a world where we have the means to communicate with each other 24 hrs a day across multiple platforms & where the chance to make a first impression has never been briefer, etiquette is more important than ever before.

Social etiquette is all about understanding, kindness, respect & consideration for others & improving relationships. Politeness, kindness & good manners never go out of style & have real world results for your happiness & success.

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