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Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results!!!!!

Teamwork in recent years has become much more complex – has never been easy. The trends make it more difficult, as teams become increasingly virtual, global and project driven. Taking a systematic approach to analyzing how well your team is set up to succeed and identifying where improvements are needed and can make all the difference. Though teams face new challenges, their success still depends on a core set of fundamentals what matters most.

Teamwork skills are the skills that enable you to work well with others. Candidates with strong teamwork skills are sought out by employees for many reason – they demonstrate leadership, collaboration and good communication. Employers expect employees to be good team players. Teamwork is required for almost every industry, ranging from business solutions to information technology to food services. This is true even if it seems like your job is best suited for an independent worker. You may perform the bulk of your job duties alone, but you should be able to think of your work in the context of the company’s broader goals and communicate your accomplishments to other people within the organization.

Teamwork skills involve your ability to work cooperatively with others. Regardless of your role, you need to be able to work well with others and convey your teamwork skills to hiring managers, recruiters and prospective employers. Those who have teamwork skills like communication, collaborations, leadership and a positive attitude can help a team be more productive.

Some teamwork skills on the job are: Working as part of a team to achieve company goals. Showing interest in others and their concerns. Working well and developing effective relationships with diverse personalities. Looking for ways to help others and provide assistance. Developing and maintaining good relationships with co-workers and managers. Leading influencing, motivating and persuading others to achieve goals. Maintaining open lines of communication with others. Assisting with training. Observing and coaching other employees. Dealing with a wide range of people with flexibility and open mindedness.

Types of Teamwork Skills –

COMMUNICATION - To work well with others there are different teamwork skills related to your ability to engage and work well with others. Being a successful member of a team requires excellent communication, listening and conflict management skills. The important teamwork skill that employers seek in a candidate is information via phone, email, videos, in person and communicates your ideas with the group. Your tone should always be professional but friendly. Both verbal and non-verbal communications are important when you are working within a group.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT – is an important teamwork skills where you are able to mediate problems between team members. You need to make sure everyone is happy with the team choices by negotiating with the team members to settle disputes.

LISTENING – show your team that you care and understand their ideas and concerns to be an effective team member. Ask questions for clarifications, demonstrating concern and using non verbal cues

REALIABILITY – make sure you stick to deadlines and complete any assigned work to gain the colleagues trust. You need to be a reliable team member so that your co-workers can trust you with time sensitive tasks and company information.

RESPECTFULNESS – simple action like using a person’s name, making eye contact and actively listening when a person speaks will make team members feel appreciated. People will be more open to communicating with you, If you convey respect for them and their ideas.

Tasks become easier and faster through teamwork. More than ease or speed, though big or complex projects requires team work. It is not a choice. Effective teamwork empowers us to reach our goals and have more impact. Working together enables us to tackle big projects and audacious goals that just would not be possible alone.

Teamwork stretches far beyond making the best show fort or carrying the heaviest objects. But not everyone sees the value and benefits that a group of people working together can accomplish.

Teamwork happens when people work together towards a common goal. Defining teamwork is simple. But understanding how to work well as a team can be complicated. An effective high performing team takes practice and guidance.

What teamwork means to you might be different for your teammates. What team work looks like also depends on the nature of your work and what type of challenges you face. Not every type of work needs or benefits from teamwork.

KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL TEAM – is when individuals realize that working together on a project is more effective than working alone.

Teams are effective they are not just dividing up tasks and working independently to get them done faster

Great teamwork is about working together and collaborating to come up with better approaches.

Achieving a goal is often easier when tasks are done cooperatively rather than relying on each individual singular effort. You know you have the right team work for the job when your team delivers better outcomes than any one person could do on their own.

An entire team operates best when each team member works collaboratively but still brings their own perspective and experiences and uses their own sets of skills.

A team’s goal is developing a great new poster that advertises the company’s product.

BENEFITS OF TEAMWORK – New work environment or a team leader or manager, it doesn’t matter. Everyone gains when effective teams are in place.

Teamwork is a source of motivation and inspiration. As team members start to work together it boosts productivity. Teams meet greater milestones with greater ease than individuals. Seeing success motivates others to stick with their goals, even if they encounter challenges.

More open communication comes with effective teamwork. Teams develop strong conflict management skills to avoid lingering issues and tension. To complete shared goals, team members have to challenge each other’s assumptions. Sometimes they have to compromise. Problem solving is ongoing.

Working as a team allows people to get to know each other’s skills, personalities and areas of expertise. Developing these connections leads to a stronger and more developed team. Professional relationships may flourish and people may discover opportunities for mentoring.

Effective teamwork proves that a team can do great things and with that comes an expansion of their goals. A successful team will not stay stagnant for long. Managers will be motivated to set new team goals and employees of all levels will want to challenge themselves and expand their own skill sets.

CHARACTERISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL TEAMWORK – are the leadership style in your work environment is full of fair decision making and effective communication. Members of the team feel confident contributing their ideas and skills. Feedback is welcome, not discouraged. It is not a complete disaster if someone makes a mistake because others are there to support them and help the entire team learn. People are patient, especially with team members who are learning new or early teamwork skills. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is SUCCESS!!

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