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Too many responsibilities…Too much work…Too many tasks… Stressed out with all of these and no time to do them? The trick is to organize your tasks and use your time effectively to get more things done each day. This helps you to improve your productivity at work and at home. No matter how you slice it, there are only 24hours in a day. It is up to you to make the most of it, as time is a finite resource. Time is irreplaceable. Time Management is important as it helps you to maximize the time you have. Knowing how to manage your time means that you will be able to accomplish more in shorter periods of time with less effort. And how much more you accomplish when you truly focus.

At work delegate tasks that is to properly manage your tasks by delegating work to your subordinates as per their skills and abilities to get the work done. This will free up your time but help your team members feel like an important part of the work has been given to them. When you begin your day at work, make a list of tasks that you need to do urgently. Prioritize your work. Identifying urgent tasks that need to be done on that day is critical to your productivity. Get things done in an order that works for your schedule. Prioritize your important work and keep yourself focused. Always create a schedule. Carry a planner or a notebook to list out the tasks that come to your mind. Check off items as you complete them, and this will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated. Make a to-do list and focus on the essentials. Make sure that these tasks are attainable too. When you have a task to complete, set up a realistic deadline and stick to it. Once your deadline is set up, write it on a sticky note and put it near your work desk. It will help you as a visual cue to finish the task. Challenge yourself to meet the deadline of your task. Reward yourself for meeting a difficult challenge.

Always try to avoid procrastination – try not to delay or postpone something knowing that it will lead to negative consequences. It also has a negative effect on productivity which results in wasting essential time and energy. It could be a major problem in both your career and your personal life. We tend to delay when we feel bored or overwhelmed. So, try to schedule smaller fun activities throughout the day to break up the more difficult tasks. This will help you to stay on track. Always deal with stress wisely. It often occurs when we accept more work that we are capable of accomplishing. The result is that our body starts feeling tired, which affects our productivity. Different people face different types of stress. To deal with it is probably just getting outside, exercising, practicing meditation, calling and talking to a friend, spending time with your hobby or listening to music. The key here is to find out what works for you when it comes to lowering your stress response. If you do not have time for anything, try a few breathing techniques. These have been proven to lower stress inducing hormones and can be done in minutes.

We also do better when we focus on one task though we feel multitasking is an efficient way of getting things done. Multitasking does hamper productivity and should be avoided to improve Time Management Skills. As said, make use of the to-do list and deadlines to stay focused which will help you to do better in what you are doing. Finish one task before starting another and you will be surprised by how much more you are able to get done. The one thing common in most successful people is starting the day early, as it gives them time to sit, think and plan the day. When you get up early you are clearer headed, calm and creative. As the day progresses your energy levels start going down which again affects your productivity, motivation, and focus. If you are not an early person, just thirty minutes getting up earlier than your normal time will surprise you by how much you can get things done. If not work, then do some exercise or eat a healthy breakfast. This kind of routine will help you throughout your day. By goal setting you are cutting down the time you need to think about where you are headed. Take breaks regularly for about ten to fifteen minutes when you feel tired and stressed. You can also try to schedule your break timings which will help you to relax and get back to work with lots of energy again. If you think you are overloaded with work, politely refuse to accept additional work. Check your to do list before you agree to do extra work. Learn to say no. Many people worry that saying no will make them look selfish, but the truth is, it is one of the best ways to take care of yourself and your time. When you take care of this, you will realize that you have more energy to devote to the important things, which the people around you will ultimately appreciate.

Good time management requires a daily practice of prioritizing and organizing them in a way that can save time while achieving more. Matching tasks and prioritizing them to the time available is one way to do with less effort. But try doing minor tasks in ten minutes. This frees up the larger blocks for projects that require your concentration. Create a plan or routine to tackle your to-do list. Many people have goals to feel fulfilled. But without understanding the importance of time management, these goals could not sit on the shelf infinitely.

Time Management can improve your confidence. You will get a regular boost from feeling a sense of accomplishment. Meeting your deadlines and exceeding expectations is a huge motivator. You should try and have more energy to achieve more constantly feeling stressed and tired is no good as it makes it hard to take on new challenges. An efficient workflow gives you the time to build new skills to improve your work. Quality time is priceless. By learning to manage your time you will have more opportunities to work on personal growth and spend more time with family and friends. Always reduce your stress and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Good Time Management allows you to look at your to do list, categories and priorities everything that is expected of you.

Time is not an infinite resource for us. You can make the most of your time by learning your time management skills. Failing to manage your time means a lot of time wasted which you can never get it back. Succeeding opens a world of possibilities. By sharpening your time management skills, you can expect to be more confident and effective at work. You will feel a strong sense of purpose when you produce your best work.

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