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Chalk2Cheese a Personality Development and enhancing soft skills Academy is more like a Grooming School. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.


Since childhood that first impression matters, and this is one of the biggest first impression of them all!!

Its important to knock it out of the pack as the interviewers make their decision within the first fifteen minutes of an interview. But, if you are well prepared you will have less to worry about. You are a rockstar and you know it, you just have to show it.

Job interviewers can be nerve-wracking. And why shouldn’t they be? Whether you are looking for your next pay raise or you have spent the last few months unemployed, the interview process can certainly feel high-stakes.

The whole part of an interview is to find out why an employer should hire you and why you should work for them. That is why the most common interview question is’ ‘why should we hire you’?

On the surface this seems to be an intimidating question. But when you reframe it this is the best question because if your answer is great it sets you up perfectly for the rest of your interview. It gives you a chance to state clearly about what you are made of and why you really are the best fit for the role.

The reason you were called for the interview is because the recruiters would like to know why they should hire you. More than that they would like other information also. Like are you prepared for the interview and your answer should show them that you have read the job description, studied the organization and you know what skills are required for the role. Your skills should prove that you can hit the ground running from day one.

Secondly whether you understand the job requirements. Until you are hired for the job you will not know the tiny details. But you should have a general understanding of what is required to succeed in that position.

Then comes knowing how your skills and personality fit the job. You should demonstrate a deep understanding of your skills and why they make you the best fit. And if you do not have the necessary experience, you should show how your personality will match the company culture. Your dedication to your own self-betterment will also prove to them you areinterested in grooming in this position.

Next is you should not be overqualified. Employers are afraid you will leave quickly and get bored at work if you are overqualified for a role. If it is entry level, its important you to explain why you are interested in such a job.

If you have all the above, then it could seal the deal for you. It shows that you are focused on the company and have the skills for the job making you a no-brainer for the role.

What makes you unique?

Why do you think you are the best person for the job?

How do your background and work experience make you a good fit for the role?

Why would you be a good fit for this position?

These questions are some alternately asked by the interviewer, being a less direct in asking the question but will find another way to phrase it and get the necessary information.

No matter how they ask the question your approach should be the same. Your interviewers main take away should be that you are prepared, self-aware and competent.

It’s your time to shine!!!!

The interviewers have read your resume and the cover letter. They already understand what certifications and skills you have to offer. Now is a time to tell a good story about those skills to drive point home. Remember this question is your chance to make your sales pitch and show why you are the best candidate.

When you are preparing for the interview, ask yourself, Why should the company hire me?

Make the bullet point list of every reason you can think of. Write down your success stories from your previous jobs, technical and communication skills and exemplary personality traits. Everything about you can help you reach your career aspirations. Taking yourself up can be difficult. It’s too easy to linger on past mistakes or why you’re not worthy of a job. If you are struggling to feel confident Chalk2Cheese can help!! We can help you identify your skills; you did not know you had. And if you are truly not ready for your dream job, we can help you make a plan and set goals to get there!!!

Why should we hire you?

There are some important components you should include to give a perfect answer.

Firstly, focus on your achievements. Its one thing to list your skills; its another to prove you have them. Highlight your track record of bringing the goods as employers want people who can deliver.

Secondly comes talking about your hard and soft skills. You will have to work with people, solve problems and make decisions for which we require soft skills like communications and being a fast learner. They can set you apart from the other candidates with similar technical abilities. Hard technical abilities are important for most roles but there is more to a job then simply performing tasks.

Then we come to employers who are not just looking for the mute workers but the right person too. Be sure to demonstrate how you form relationships and build rapport in the workplace. Companies often have tight-knit teams with numbers who have walled together for years. They want to know you will be a good match and connect well with your new colleagues.

Next, do not assume the recruiter immediately sees your skills fit the role. Paint a picture for them, especially if you are from a different field or industry. Make sure to highlight your skills transfer to this new role.

It is tempting to remain stoic, non-emotional in the name of professionalism. But let’s be real; you applied for the job for a reason. Highlight specific tasks and responsibilities that see this role apart from others you have applied to. Talk about why this position gets you motor reviving. This shows you are passionate about the work and care to do high quality work.

The “I” – Were you the team leader? Did you keep a project within budget? Did you write all of the marketing material? Do not sell yourself short in the process of giving credit to your colleagues. Hiring manger wants to know your exact achievements in your previous team’s achievement. Highlight your specific contributions and avoid saying things like “we”.

“Why should we hire you?”

Some good answers to this question would be – I think I am the right person for this job because through my previous work I learned to speak the language of the job. I learnt how to work with people with expertise different than mine and bring out the best in their work to build a successful product. This response highlights one of your previous contributions to your team success. And also shows that you understand the new jobs requirements also illustrating your ability to collaborate – a key soft skill for this job.

Communicating complex ideas in clear language is important because many grant evaluator aren’t subject matter experts, as they want to know what their money is funding.

Your response should show attention to your technical abilities, transferable skills from your last job and expertise.

Crafting the perfect answer “why we should hire you?” takes work. It requires a lot more than simply listing your key qualifications. You will have to release your inner student and study the job posting, learn about the company and understand your own skills and competencies.

Once all this is done, it comes to your presentation. Do not be afraid to talk yourself up. As the job seeker, its on you to paint a picture for your employer. Help them see why you are the best choice for the role. Pull it all together into a well organized and thoughtful answer, they will be wrong not to give you a job offer.

To sum up and ace the tricky question you need to sell yourself to the hiring manager and convince them that you are a good fit and will be a valuable addition to the team. You have the skills and experience to solve problems and overcome challenges. Hiring you will solve their recruitment problems and help them to achieve their team and business objectives. You can do all this by staying honest and making sure your answers remain true to who you are and skip answers related to money and other personal interests.

Research about the company so you will be prepared to answer this question in a way that will win them over. Make them feel how excited you are with relevant words and tone of voice. But do not exaggerate. Always be prepared for this answer/ never come up with an answer to this question on the spot. You do need to prepare definitely beforehand!!!!!!

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