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Further Details


  • What can i expect from my training?
    For this you can visit and you will get all the details about the content of training curriculum. For further details get in touch on +91-966-434-7414 via whatsapp.
  • Can I get trained online?
    Yes! in the current world where everything is accessible from everywhere, we have made sure that you can avail our training programs from across the globe.
  • Is the training program for men or women?
    The training program is designed for both men and women. So anyone can apply and get groomed at Chalk 2 Cheese
  • How to enroll for Chalk 2 Cheese?
    We have kept it super easy for everyone from around the world to register at Chalk 2 Cheese. Simply whatsapp us 'Hi' on +91- 966-434-7414 and we will take over from there.
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