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Etiquette is the common courtesy to act and behave in a certain way in public and we determine how to act in a social setting or public because of etiquettes.

Etiquette, in a nutshell, is a complex network of unwritten rules that govern social interactions and behavior. It reflects our cultural norms, ethical codes and various social conventions. Etiquette is always evolving with the demands of the society. The heart of etiquette is respect, kindness and consideration. To build confidence, to improve our social skills and progress professionally are the rules of etiquettes. Understanding the ground rules can help us avoid uncomfortable situations. We are more likely to act in socially responsible ways when we learn to properly navigate social situations.

Manners and Etiquette both play an important role in how a society functions. The two concepts revolve around human behavior and are often used interchangeably. However, the two are different at their core and should not be confused with each other. Manners are behavior that reflects a person’s attitude. Etiquette is a code of conduct and a set of societal rules that act as a catalyst for positive human interactions. A key difference between manners and etiquette is that the former remains unchangeable across communities and the latter changes with a change in societal customs and norms. Etiquette provides a construct within which good manners can flourish. Its good manners to follow proper etiquettes. Etiquettes dictate the best ways to behave and present ourselves to others. It helps us to live in harmony and make social progress.

How do we benefit by practicing general etiquettes in our lives? It helps us to boost our self-confidence. We feel more comfortable being our own self when we understand how others expect us to behave. We do not have to constantly monitor our behavior. Etiquette is largely based on making people feel comfortable. It promotes effective communication with others. You tend to listen attentively and respond respectfully. It helps us to take others feelings into consideration. It strengthens social relationships. You are familiar with socio-cultural norms and treat people with kindness and respect. You behave friends with those you are most comfortable with. First impression counts!!! As it is the greatest benefit of developing personal etiquettes. You are better equipped to influence people views about you when you act according to social protocols.

To create a lasting and positive impression there are different types of personal etiquettes like Social Etiquettes. We humans are social animals and it’s important for them to follow certain norms that facilitate interpersonal relationships. It refers to behavior you resort to in social situations. Professional Etiquettes is instrumental to advancing your career. It helps you to show others the kind of values and belief system you follow. You become the face of the organization if you present yourself in a dignified manner. It helps you to create a powerful impression whether it’s interacting with clients or convincing customers. Professional success does not come from meeting targets driving business goals. It includes the way you present you and navigate professional relationships. Learning etiquettes will teach you how to go beyond your call of duty and engage with people in ethical and respectful way. Business Etiquettes is expected behavior and expectations for individual actions within society, group or class within a place of business. It involves treating co-workers and employer with respect and courtesy in a way that creates a pleasant work environment for everyone. Good business etiquettes mean that you act professionally and exercise proper manners when engaging with others in your profession. It is a valuable skill set that will make you stand out from others enhance your chances at success and help you land the dream job. Office Etiquettes influences your ability to succeed in your career. It affects your ability to work and communicate successfully with your co-workers. It reflects positively or negatively on you and your organization. Respect Yourself!! Respect Others!! While the use of good manners will not compensate for technical knowledge, it can positively influence your ability to succeed. Office Etiquette is something that helps smooth the wheels of daily interaction within the office. It is the key deciding factor in how your colleagues will respond to you when you need help. The manner in which you conduct yourself within the office environment among people will determine how you are viewed and the ease with which you will be supported by others around you.

Etiquettes are about kindness. It is about being friendly. It is about being polite. It is about integrity. It is about good manners. Etiquette helps us to know how to treat others. It helps us to know how to behave and conduct ourselves in different environments.

Etiquette is not being perfect or being prim and proper. It’s not about your social class, profession or how rich or well educated you are.

Etiquettes make people comfortable and at eases. It shows that we value and respect others. Etiquette promotes kindness, humility and consideration. It gives the confidence t deal with different situations in life, it gives us life skills. Etiquette enhances your individual image, it eliminates discourteous behavior. Etiquette helps to be thoughtful about our conduct. It helps us to get along with others and promote respect. It also promotes respect for people of other cultures. Etiquette is culturally bound.

And let us be real here!!! No one can have perfect etiquettes at all times. It would be pretty hard to follow all of the rules for even one day. But if we can use these principles to become better, then why not? True etiquette is fluid and constantly changing. We can try to keep up with every new rule, but at the end of the day, what is important is how actions are making us feel about ourselves.

Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily!!!!

“Let your Etiquette make the Difference”.

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