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Chalk2Cheese a Personality Development and enhancing soft skills Academy is more like a Grooming School. It helps you to become the best version of yourself.


Making a good first impression at the interview is very important as they say you would never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The interviewers make micro judgements within 15 minutes after seeing and meeting you, based on your handshake, clothes and non verbal factors. Prepare yourself for the interview and put your best foot forward as you cannot control what the interviewer thinks.

The recruiters would like to know why you want the job and why you are leaving the current role. You can surely answer these questions by pivoting to your strengths and emphasizing your value to the company.

When they ask you about your weaknesses it might feel like a trap. So how do you spin a weakness into a strength? Well, the secret to answer that question lies in honesty, self-awareness and a genuine desire to improve.

Why do the interviewer ask you about your weaknesses? It is asked as to understand why they should hire you over the other candidates. Your answer says a lot about your work values. Some of the things the interviewer will look for in response are like firstly self-awareness. The employers want someone who can recognize their imperfections. Acknowledging your shortcomings shows maturity and that you take your work seriously. Remember no one is perfect!!

Then comes self-improvement. Your weaknesses are not permanent. If you show how you are working to improve, the interviewers will see someone who is resilient and has a strong work ethic.

Next is honesty. To make yourself more competent the interviewers can tell whether you are lying or speaking the truth. If you are being deceitful this early in your relationship, how can they trust you once you are hired? The goal is not to lie about your weaknesses.

There are some tips to help you to answer this common interview question, What are your weaknesses?

Remember dishonesty is a red flag for interviewers. As mentioned before during your job search do not lie about your weaknesses because manager wants to work with people they can trust.

Look at your past experiences and a hard look at your skills. Now list down your weaknesses. Then think what measures you have taken to improve them. The weaknesses you have improved upon you should talk about those with the interviewer. Show that you are willing to try new things and also are action oriented. You are being honest, but do not mention all your mistakes you have made in your career, especially the ones that shows you are a risky hire or incapable of fulfilling the job description. Describe the weaknesses that emphasizes your desire to be even better in your role. As a employee everyone can improve. Explain why you want to improve and you will appear more empathetic and self-aware.

Do not pass your strengths as weaknesses. Sometimes I work too hard or I am a perfectionist – such statements like these do lack genuineness. Your response should demonstrate self-awareness. They also fail to convey a growth mindset and a willingness to learn. Show your hiring manager that you can analyze yourself and your skills. This quality will set you apart from the other candidates. This kind of self-reflection is difficult but Chalk2Cheese surely can help you get trained on your career based on your strengths, weaknesses and aspirations.

Sometimes interviews can be surprising casual or extremely formal. Avoid answering weaknesses questions very casually, no matter what. When you do that it shows that you do not take the question seriously enough to answer it appropriately. It shows that you want to divert it because you are hiding something. You have to come across confident and competent in your answer.

When asked “what are your weaknesses?” it does sound like a question relating to your character. Shift your focus from personal areas of improvement and answer something sensible focusing on your job. When you focus on the answer related to the job description it tells the recruiter what is expected of the position and what is necessary to do a great job.

During an interview discussing your weaknesses is something of a balancing act. You want to appear self-aware but you do not want to sell yourself short. Interviews are about making a great impression!!

Accountability in the workplace is crucial. Recognizing you are not perfect shows you are a thoughtful, professional and well rounded person. You need to work hard and plan how to overcome your weaknesses. When you describe and show the interviewers how you working on yourself you are self-motivated and persistent.

You should always have a growth mindset. You should be aware of building on your weaknesses as it shows that you are always looking to learn from failure. At the workplace employers are always looking for better and more efficient ways to get work done. This shows you can work under pressure and you are looking to improve your adaptability.

Some points to remember and which will help you in answering the question are – while maintaining high standards for your work always demonstrate your capacity to be a team player when you are applying for a position that requires you to collaborate with others. Showing you have the skills to address this short coming establishes that you value teamwork and respect your colleagues.

Messiness is a relatable and remediable weakness. Make clear your disorganization does not significantly impact your work, but it interferes with your environment just enough to require attention. You can have the weakness under control if you are prepared with a solution that demonstrates with a little extra effort. Employee flexibility is critical if an employer hopes to keep you long term. Your response will show that you are willing to learn new skills when the situation calls for it. And because you learnt the skill on your own, you have showcased your commitment and initiative.

One should always avoid extremes. Your work should demonstrate your ability to accept the criticism, while not allowing it to disrupt your confidence and productivity. A good weakness for job interview shows introspection and growth, without interfering with your capacity to be a great addition to the company.

Turn your weaknesses into a strength without becoming a ‘cliché’. You do not want to hurt a colleagues feeling as you have a natural sense of compassion and this makes you a more effective communicator. You are able to approach people with kindness and tact which are the two most important soft skills in a leader.

Being blunt can make you a better communicator in the workplace in some contexts while demonstrating an understanding of when its better left out. This character trait can work in some areas and not in others. Bluntness does not always work and call for attention to the actionable step you to take to address the weakness.

On the surface, sacrificing your well-being for work seems noble, but it ultimately does more harm than good. Employers want to keep you for a long time and its important they know you can take care of yourself, which is possible only if you are not away on stress leave.

Talking too much and left unchecked can interfere with productivity which does not take courage to admit. You should show that you value forming relationships which is great for a company’s team spirit and culture. Admitting your fault and showing off the solution will help you earn the interviewers respect.

Showcasing your most valuable qualities is an opportunity to admit your weaknesses.

Self-awareness, resilience and humility are some of the best traits as a worker you can possess. Your answer to the question should show you are thoughtful and genuine. Strike a balance between a lack of confidence and being too sure of yourself.

The job interview question is an opportunity to make yourself stand out to show your soft skills while communicating your ability to self-regulate and grow.

Remember, every weakness is an opportunity for improvement. If you can demonstrate this mindset, in an interview, you will impress the recruiter and get much closer to a job offer.

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